This was a fun, very quick little book cover job commissioned by Mattson Creative, for a Christian author. I have a love for Bible stories, and am fairly familiar with them, so this was a pleasure to do. The client essentially wanted a pattern of "icons" of various Biblical stories. I picked a few stories that would translate to iconic, recognizable imagery. I modeled some of the illustrations (such as Jonah's boat and the Adam and Eve figures) after Baroque and Renaissance paintings, while others were drawn from scratch. Such a fun, albeit fast, project to work on.
—   I N I T I A L   C O L O R   E X P L O R A T I O N   E X A M P L E S   —
—   P R E L I M I N A R Y   S K E T C H E S   —
Although I was more than happy with the middle sketch, I favored the one on the left; I like how the line art interacts with the type. Of course, gold (far right) is always fun to use too.
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