This was a project I did for fun (a VERY rare luxury) that I did during a couple nights while listening to my wife watching West Wing. It was created by tracing over an old 1995 photo of myself at the Orbiter hit at Brighton, Utah, a little ways out of bounds off the Millicent lift. After creating the image, I felt it needed to be turned into a fake B-Movie poster. Grizzly Gulch is a nearby backcountry destination, and it sounded way cooler than Orbiter, so that became the admittedly weird title.
After I got wind of an outdoor retail supplier hiring an interactive art director (coincidentally I was looking for a job!) I quickly converted my work-in-progress into a poster-sized resumé. Unfortunately, they didn't so much as call me. Oh well!
O R I G I N A L    P H O T O G R A P H   C I R C A   1 9 9 4
A L T E R N A T E    C O L O R W A Y S
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