— The Precious Little Snowflake —

Back in 2020 I was asked to illustrate a book for Beekman 1802, a "doctor-founded skin & body care powered by nutrient rich goat milk that feeds a healthier microbiome." Each year they release holiday-themed packaging and products, as well as an illustrated storybook, written by the co-founders of the company. In 2020, I was asked to illustrate the 2021 book as well as elements used in packaging and product lines. (I wish I had more photos of the products, but let's just say my family used them all fairly quickly).

The 9"x13" was printed on uncoated stock with a canvas hard-bound cover with a die-cut. I've included a handful of the spreads below.

Client: Beekman 1802
Art Director: Chelsea Tamburin
My Role: Illustration

— Bells & Goats

Another part of the project was to develop these graphics (and more) for use on product lines and packaging. Most of the sample products we received were used by my family before I had a chance to shoot any photography! I included one of the product packaging pieces (designed by the Beekman team) below. The photo was shot extremely professionally with my camera phone, in the recently fallen snow outside my front door.

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