Disney Good vs Evil Posters

Back in 2021, I had the privilege to work on this fast but fun project with Ty Mattson at Mattson Creative. I was asked to illustrate 4 princesses, along with their iconic evil counterparts. Ty and I shared sketching duties, each taking 2, and developing an overall concept depicting each hero front-and-center, with the villain looming ominously behind, formed from the negative space of foliage. I then executed all 4, and some icons were developed as well to accompany each. Sometimes quick projects can be fun ones.

The posters can be found for sale in various places online.

Client: Disney
Creative Director: Ty Mattson
Illustration: Russ Gray


This was a quick project, so the sketches were quite rough -- only for internal reference. Here are just a couple of the original brainstorms I worked up, prior to final execution.

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