Bournemouth, UK

Education First reached out to me to create illustrations for 20 of their language schools that dot the globe. They provided as much reference photography as they had available, and using that and Google Street View, I was able to parse together most of what I needed. The illustrations are used on their website. They needed the top half of each image to blend seamlessly with a background color, and the bottom half of the image to be white, so text could be placed below the image.

Stylistically they had a fairly dialed-in concept of what they wanted, so each illustration was carefully kept within the parameters they set up in the beginning.

Client: Education First
Art Director: Russell Smith
Illustrator: Russ Gray

Boston, USA

Vancouver, Canada

Seattle, USA

San Francisco, USA

Vancouver Island, Canada

Cambridge, UK

Bristol, UK

Dublin, Ireland

Manchester, UK

New York, USA

Oxford, UK

Paris, France

Santa Barbara, USA

Waterloo, UK

Toronto, Canada

Washington DC, USA

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