2018 Project | Classic Book Covers and End-Papers
These are designs I created a number of years ago, for my friends at Mattson Creative. It was a joy to work on these classic book covers, illustrated with a modern take. I designed 5 covers, and finished out a sixth started by another designer. I also was able to set the overall tone and look of the project. The interior page layouts were designed in-house by FAO Schwarz.

I am showing earlier design versions and alternate color ways of a couple of them, which were used to sell this concept to potential vendors. I am showing them here because I liked these earlier versions as well, including the more intricate spines. But I have also included the final approved designs at the end of the post, much of which didn't change.

The photoshop renders shown here were created months before the books were produced, and were shown as the original design intent — emboss / screen print / foil on canvas covers. The final products I believe were screen printed on a faux leather cover.

Client: FAO Schwarz
Creative Director: Ty Mattson
My role: Design and Illustration of book covers and end papers
Completion Date: 2018

Just a couple of many sketches
These are some initial sketches I did of Peter Pan, the first of the series. The middle sketch also shows some early merchandising concepts.

Final Designs
These 5 books below are 5 of the 6 final designs (the 6th — Alice in Wonderland — is beautiful, but I didn't have a hand in it, so can't rightfully show it here. Sherlock is also based on a sketch by Ty Mattson, and Robin Hood uses elements (primarily the character, and title type) that came from colleague Luke Bott.

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