Google Chrome Canvas Wallpapers

In 2020 I had the opportunity to work with Google to create six Chromebook wallpapers, which were created entirely in Google's Chrome Canvas. As of right now, the illustrations are available as desktop backgrounds on Chrome books around the world. I used a Chromebook and the Chrome Canvas app to create the entirety of each illustration. The process for one of them (the easiest!) is shown here in this time-lapse video below. If you haven't used Chrome Canvas (as I hadn't prior to this), give it a try! It was fun and challenging to eliminate so many of the tools and key commands I'm used to using on a daily basis in Photoshop and Illustrator. Limitations are sometimes a handicap, but often uniquely liberating.

This project has made me more "famous" with my kids than maybe any I've done to date, as I don't emphasize my work-life too much at home. On their own, they found these backgrounds on their school-issued Chromebooks and (at least temporarily) my status with them went through the roof.

The wallpapers (along with many others) are available on a Chromebook near you.

Client: Google
Role: Illustration
Completion: August 2020
Note: 2 of these shown are alternate color ways which were not selected by Google to be on the Chromebook.
I still like them, so here they are! All final released artwork shown in the smaller squares below.

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