Theory11 x James Bond

In 2020 I had the opportunity through my friend Ty Mattson ( to work on a card deck for Theory11 and James Bond. The brief for this deck was not to create likenesses as I had done for Star Wars, but to evoke a card deck that we might see Bond using in one of his movies — a high-end, elaborately decorated deck with small nods to the franchise. It was a lot of fun dabbling in a style I don't normally work in. The cards were also a fun challenge — making a completely custom set of cards, while staying more true to the standard court card design than I have done on any other deck. Luke Bott from Mattson Creative also collaborated on designing 5 of the face cards. Photos are courtesy of Theory11, along with some Photoshop renders mixed in that I created myself.

Client: Theory11 / Mattson Creative
Agency: Mattson Creative
Creative Director: Ty Mattson
Project completed September 2020

For defining the composition, sketches were pretty loose. Once composition was figured out, they were tightened to show the client and were fairly close to the final. A gradient overlay in Photoshop was applied to the sketch layer to make it look more finished.

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