Macy's Holiday Celebrations Illustrations and Typography

At the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Santa Claus float is the last of all, and as a finale, he steps down from the sleigh and makes his grand entrance into the Herald Square entrance of the historic Macy's store, kicking off the Christmas / Holiday season. As the second part of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade project, I had the privilege to illustrate an array of images. and create typographic treatments and a logo for the Macy's Holiday Celebrations, in behalf of Mattson Creative. This is definitely not all the work, but some selects are shown here.

A 100 year tradition, Macy's Holiday Celebrations are an integral part of American culture. Macy's wanted us to capture the history, the beauty, and the joy of one of the oldest such events in the country.

Client: Macy's
Creative Director: Ty Mattson (Mattson Creative)
My role: Illustration, Art Direction, Typography

The below two images are some early color explorations to find just the right celebratory, whimsical, yet historic and regal color palette. Though these are not where we landed, I do like these two iterations.

These Nutcracker renders were created entirely in Illustrator, using gradients and transparency masks to create the glossy highlights and shadows.

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