Rendering only; seal likely will only be included with special edition

Meadowlark Playing Card Deck

Back in 2019, I was approached to do a self-promo piece for a pharmacy in Nebraska. I was busy at the time, but I was intrigued. I had never done work for a pharmacy, but more importantly, I had never even looked closely at a deck of cards, let alone made a legitimate deck for discerning card enthusiasts. Jonathon, the co-owner of the pharmacy, originally wanted me to create a deck of cards he could use as a promotional item to advertise. But as the project proceeded, he got more and more excited about producing and selling the deck, and eventually set up a KickStarter campaign to fund the printing many more decks than originally planned.

Design-wise: he wanted a very traditional deck, essentially designing jokers, Ace of spades, and card backs, and simply using Bicycle standards court cards and swapping colors. However, after showing him a modified design (somewhat minimal in nature, but based on the Bicycle standard court cards), his excitement toward creating his own deck grew quickly. Slowly over the next few months, we designed the whole deck top to bottom.

I created all these renderings in Photoshop (all the images you see here in this post) in order to help promote the deck and support the Kickstarter campaign so these decks can become a reality. Hopefully eventually some beautiful photography of the real products can replace the renders. Tuck boxes will be embossed and utilize a small amount of copper foil. Cards will be printed with metallic copper ink. Depending on how the campaign goes, a special edition tuck / deck will be produced.

Cards will be available on Art of Play.

Client: Jonathon Lamarque / Meadowlark Pharmacy
Designer: Russ Gray
Project completed: 2019

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