Star Wars Land Park Posters — 2017

This project was a dream come true for me more than possibly any other project up till that time. When I was young, I painted a mural of Cloud City on my wall in my bedroom and had the majority of the Kenner toys. It could be said I was a bit of a fan. So when this project came along, I was definitely excited. Disney approached Ty Mattson at Mattson Creative to create a number of posters prior to the opening of Disneyland's Black Spire Outpost (and prior to Episode 8's release).
Ty Mattson asked me to illustrate several of the posters. The direction we chose to take at Mattson Creative was to evoke the feeling of vintage Disneyland park posters (for example Scarif pays homage to one of the early Jungle Cruise posters). The finished artwork can be found on myriad products throughout Black Spire Outpost — from tee shirts to keychains. Mattson Creative developed a number of posters, though I've only showed the ones I created myself (not because the others aren't incredible! I simply can't take credit). A few of the above posters were also based on sketches by Ty Mattson.
Client: Disney Parks
Creative Director: Ty Mattson
Project Completed: October 2017
Just a small glimpse at how some of the texture was created in these vector Posters
I've been putting together a YouTube channel for tips in illustrating with Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm still learning how to make them, and the one below is my latest experiment. I talk in most of the videos, but the below uses captions. Feel free to check out the others.
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