In 2020 I had the opportunity through my friend Ty Mattson (mattsoncreative.com) to work on a card deck for Theory11 and Avengers. This deck was a fun one — though, I will admit right here that I had never seen all the Avengers movies or read the comics. I had a lot of catching up to do, and it was a blast creating all the imagery and iconography. Photos are courtesy of Theory11, along with some Photoshop renders mixed in that I created myself.
The tuck box was printed by Studio On Fire, and used gold foil and a shimmery purple foil that shifts hue at different angles. It's hard to show that aspect in a static image, but is much cooler in person.
Client: Theory11 / Mattson Creative
Agency: Mattson Creative
Creative Director: Ty Mattson
Project completed August 2020​​​​​​​

We made suggestions for the character line-up, and in the end Marvel had the final call (with a few changes). Like the James Bond deck, these were not necessarily intended to be literal likenesses of the actors, though the cards are clearly heavily influenced by the film versions of the characters. Ty Mattson and I had fun collaborating on a couple of them, especially Thor, which set the tone for the rest of the court cards.
Above: Closer crops of the artwork used on the court cards. Note: Gamora did not make the final cut in the character line-up (though she is abstractly represented through one of the Aces). Her card was one of my favorites, so I figured I would still show it here so it could at least see the light of day.​​​​​​​
Above: right to left, top to bottom:
Captain America  |  Ironman  |  Thor  |  Black Panther
Valkyrie  |  Captain Marvel  |  Black Widow  |  Wanda/Scarlet Witch
Hawkeye/Ronin  |  Spiderman  |  Star Lord  |  Hulk (Ragnarok)

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