Literary Quote Bookjigs
While working as the creative director at Franklin Mill in 2014, I felt we needed a Bookjig bookmarks that could appeal to readers as an expression of their taste in literature. I always felt that Bookjigs with quotes from famous authors would be a perfect idea, but there just wasn't the real-estate on our bookmarks. So I designed a larger version of our existing Bookjig that would accomodate a typographic quote. After some preliminary designs, we had prototypes made with heat-transferred art. The printed results were quite nice, and I was really looking forward to pulling the trigger and releasing this new line of products; unfortunately, we didn't have the time available before the company was sold, and this project never happened. Hopefully some day they'll decide to make a go of it!
The quote graphics were heat-transferred directly onto the painted metal
Prints of the Bookjig artwork
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